Subject: Not a ladybug!
Location: Moore, OK
June 3, 2012 1:07 pm
My 4 year old son is totally into bugs! He caught this lovely guy yesterday – not the usual ladybug that he typically brings in 🙂 We want to know what it is?
He found it on the slide of his swingset in our backyard. June 2 in Moore, Oklahoma.
Signature: Trevor’s mom

Sumac Flea Beetle

Dear Trevor’s mom,
Though we immediately recognized this as a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae and we recalled identifying it previously, we still needed to turn to BugGuide to research and we quickly identified this pretty little beetle as a Sumac Flea Beetle,
Blepharida rhois.  According to BugGuideit is found:  “Throughout eastern US to AZ and southern CA / adj. Can.”  In a few days we will be going on a short holiday so we are postdating your identification to go live during our absence.

Sumac Flea Beetle

Thank you!  We had gotten so far as figuring out it was some kind of leaf beetle, but I’m a little rusty!  Thanks for the the quick reply 🙂  Not sure how he ended up in our yard…I don’t think there are any sumacs nearby!  Have a nice holiday 🙂


Location: Oklahoma

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  1. Nice lookin’ beetle.

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