Subject: Large Grub-like Creature
Location: Germantown, Maryland
June 2, 2012 11:13 pm
I found this bug back in September 2010 in Maryland. He was very interesting looking. It did not like me very much, especially when I picked it up. He was large, almost 2 inches long. Not squishy like a maggot. Thanks so much.
Signature: Curious and Curiouser

Scarab Beetle Grub

Dear Curious and Curiouser,
This insect larva is more than just “grub-like”.  It really is a Grub, the acceptable name for the larva of a Scarab Beetle, though other beetle larvae and insect larvae are also called Grubs.  You did not indicate exactly where it was found.  Many large Scarab Beetle Grubs are found in rotting wood since that is their food source.  Other Scarab Grubs, notably those of June Beetles, are frequently found while digging because they feed on roots.  Other Scarab Grubs are commonly found in compost piles.  We will be postdating your identification request to go live later in the week since we will be away from the office for a short time and we like having new posts on our site on a daily basis.

Location: Maryland

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