Subject: Wolf Spider
Location: Germantown, Maryland
June 2, 2012 11:40 pm
I cam across this spider while getting the mail, and she just fascinated me! I believe after some research she may have been a female wolf spider. She just seems much smaller than other pictures of female wolf spiders. She was very patient with me, which I appreciated. Are those eggs on her back or are those babies?
Signature: Spider Watcher

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Dear Spider Watcher,
You are correct that this is a Wolf Spider.  She is a female and she is carrying around her newly hatched spiderlings on her back.  They will disperse in a few days.  Female Wolf Spiders drag around the egg case until the eggs hatch.  The egg case is attached by silk to the females spinning organs known as spinnerets.  Your inquiry will go live to our website later in the week because we are postdating submissions in preparation for a short holiday we will be taking away from the office.

Location: Maryland

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  1. Yanik Dhont says:

    I had a mother wolf spider that had babies and I kept two of them from tiny baby to full adult. Love spiders 🙂

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