Location: Haileybury, Ontario, Canada
June 1, 2012 9:29 am
I found this strange moth this morning on the 1st of June just outside our door. I absolutely had to take pictures! Having found your site it didn’t take very long to identify this very distinguished creature. What a gorgeous oddity!
Signature: Northern Ontarian

Luna Moth

Dear Northern Ontarian,
We are quite envious that you have had the good fortune to observe a Luna Moth in its natural state.  Perhaps our editorial staff will be lucky as we are headed to Northeast Ohio for a week and despite growing up there, we have never seen a living Luna Moth in the wild.  We also hope our visit will coincide with the annual appearance of Fireflies.

Location: Canada

4 Responses to Luna Moth in Canada

  1. Jay Otero says:

    I’ve seen three of these last summer(2011) in Algood, Tennessee

  2. Antikythera says:

    I grew up in rural southeastern Ontario and saw a few of these — one or two every summer, maybe — when I was a kid. This would have been about thirty years ago. We would also see Io moths frequently, and the occasional Polyphemus. Sadly, leaving the indoor light on at my dad’s place no longer attracts big beautiful moths to the screen door.

  3. sandy says:

    From south Louisiana, I was visited early this morning by this Luna Moth fluttering on my window. When landed on my screen door, I got a chance to get a photo. Sandy

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