Subject: Emerging Tachinid fly and RIP monarch
Location: Minneapolis, MN
June 4, 2012 10:17 pm
We found a nice monarch caterpillar this weekend and brought it home for our children to watch this lifecycle. Unfortunately, we got to see this Tachinid fly emerge and show us a new life cycle. I assume this is Lesperia archippivora. The caterpillar was found in Minneapolis.
Signature: Daniel

Tachinid Larva vacates Monarch Caterpillar husk

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for sending in this awesome documentation.  It appears as though the maggot vacates the carcass of the Monarch Caterpillar and pupates elsewhere.  We wish the enlargement of the Tachinid Maggot had better clarity.

Pixilated Tachinid Larva, possibly species specific to the Monarch



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Location: Minnesota

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