Subject: I think it’s a roach…
Location: Georgia, USA
June 3, 2012 8:50 am
I’m in Georgia, USA. I’m pretty familiar with most of the roaches that live around here. A couple nights ago when a storm hit I had three of the critters pictured scampering around. Unlike a normal cockroach, these guys were actively buzzing about and flying.
Also, unlike most pictures of cockroaches I could find in Google, these guys have beetle-like antenna; much larger and more pronounced than the ordinary cockroach.
However, the body structure and color doesn’t exactly match most of the common beetles Georgia is supposed to have. The body and color of these bugs is much closer to the American Cockroach.
So, I’m pretty sure these are roaches, but I think I’d rather know for sure.
Pictures are 3264×2448 resolution, 50% jpeg quality as saved through GIMP 2.6. If you need the source pictures, I can throw them up on Gdrive.
Signature: Liaison

Tile Horned Prionus: presumably dead at human hands

Dear Liaison,
This magnificent beetle is a Tile Horned Prionus,
Prionus imbricornis, and he is a male as evidenced by his incredible antennae.  We hope that our response will serve to educate you on the importance of tolerance of the lower beasts since it appears that this Tile Horned Prionus is dead, presumably due to the intervention of humans which we determine to be Unnecessary Carnage.  We understand that you mistook the Tile Horned Prionus for a Cockroach, but we hope that in the future, you will not react so quickly.  Adult Tile Horned Prionus Beetles have very strong jaws and they could easily draw blood if carelessly handled, but they will not bite unless provoked.  According to BugGuide:  “Female lays 100-200 eggs around the base of various trees, vines, herbs. (These include oak, grape, pear, and maize.) Larvae feed on bark and roots. Larval stage lasts three years or more. Strongly attracted to lights.”  The wet weather probably triggered an emergence and your lights most likely attracted the beetles to your home.

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Location: Georgia

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  1. so obviously not a roach. sigh.

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