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Subject: Bolivian Bar Bug
Location: Trinidad, Bolivia
May 30, 2012 6:05 pm
Hi, I found this bug hiding on the floor in some bark when I was walking out of the toilet in an outdoor bar. It was pretty slow and completely non-agressive.
Signature: Kev Brady

Giant Water Bug

Hi Kev,
Perhaps you are more courageous when you are in your cups.  This is a Giant Water Bug and in North America, the somewhat smaller relatives to your specimen get the common name Toe-Biter because of the frequency of bites received by swimmers in the lakes and ponds that constitute the habitat for this impressive aquatic insect.  They are not aggressive toward humans, but we would not want to chance a painful bite because of careless handling.  Giant Water Bugs can fly from pond to pond.  It was probably attracted to the lights at the bar.

Giant Water Bug


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Bolivia

3 Responses to Giant Water Bug from Bolivia

  1. James Martin says:

    A painful bite indeed.
    Not bullet ant pain. Probably a 3 on the schmidt index. Worse though is it won’t be an envenomation. It will inject via a large proboscis a healthy dose of tissue liquifying enzymes. It could take a loooong time to heal.
    I would rather be stung by any ant or wasp.

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