Subject: Beautiful biter
Location: Jordan
May 30, 2012 9:55 am
Ok, here’s a fly that found me instead of the other way around!
It is attractive, with those eyes and patterned wings, but its bite was painful.
I’d love to know what it is, so any help identifying it would be great!
Signature: Ben from Israel

Horse Fly

Hi Ben,
We do not recognize this Biting Fly.  We will post your photo in the hope that we can get to this at a later date or that one of our readers will have luck with an identification.

Karl identifies the Horse Fly
Hi Daniel and Ben from Israel:
This is a Horsefly in the family Tabanidae. It looks very similar to the Cleg Fly from Europe, Haematopota pluvialis, but the wing patterns are not quite right and I don’t think that species makes it as far south as Jordan. I believe it is probably another fly in the same genus; this kind of wing pattern is apparently diagnostic for the genus. There is an excellent paper titled “Systematics and distribution of horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of Jordan” (H. Al-Talafha, et al. 2004), accessible online at:,_Number_1_files/8Al-Tafaha%20et%20al.pdf. According to this paper there are 3 species of Haematopota in Jordan. Although not all are described in detail, I believe the posted image is probably a H. coronata. The above paper includes an identification key with the following description for H. coronata: “Wing tip is always clear (Plate I-e), a brown band extends between antennal base to the lateral sides of the eyes”. I hope this helps. Regards.  Karl

Location: Israel

One Response to Biting Fly from Jordan is Horse Fly

  1. Ben says:

    A friend suggested ‘Spiderman fly’ because of the pattern on its wings.
    The bite itself was a bit painful, but left no marks, swelling, itching, or any other ill effects.

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