Subject: habitat?
Location: Mathews, VA, USA
May 29, 2012 6:09 am
This is on my porch. The tube is flimsy and moves with the wind. I don’t see any bugs fly to it or arouund it. Do you know what it is?
Signature: Gloria

Hornet Nest

Hi Gloria,
Our initial thought was that this must be the first phase of the construction of the nest of a Bald Faced Hornet.  We did some research and came upon this At The Water blog that supports our theory.  Probably the queen is the only inhabitant at the moment, but she is likely raising her first generation of workers that will increase the size of the nest.  By the end of the summer, there could be more than 1000 Bald Faced Hornets in the nest

Location: Virginia

7 Responses to Hornet Nest: early construction

  1. In this situation (on a porch where there is a great deal of human traffic) the nest has to go.

  2. Lorie Rogers says:

    We have found two of these nest in the last week . Still not sure what they are I have never seen a nest or insect like this . We are in North East Ohio close to the Pa state line. I have photos I would like to email if possible. Thank You

  3. Ronda says:

    This is crazy.. we have the same thing here in northern B.C. Canada !! Would live to post a pic . This hornet is now dismantling the nest and moving it elsewhere from all the busy traffic.

  4. Krisann B Osborne says:

    We have the same thing…two funnel shaped nests. One early this spring which we destroyed and another now in the fall of 2019. We now have an invasion of the wasps or bees in the house. They seem longer than a regular bee, fuzzy, with yellow and black coloring. Wings are longer and black. We live in middle Indiana.

  5. Kristen Morse says:

    Union Springs, NY – just discovered Bald face hornet nest, looked it up as we’ve never seen this shape before. It is on our deck gutter, facing Cayuga Lake. Will try to spray tonight as they are active.

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