Subject: Can you tell me what these are?
Location: North Central Tennessee
May 27, 2012 11:26 am
I have been replacing my folks deck in Tennessee for the past week and have come across 15-20 of these beautiful little bugs. They walk rather slow as they haven’t a care in the world and are rarely alone. However, I’ve never seen more than 3 together. The photo doesn’t show the colors as brilliantly as they were. the smallest was nearly yellow the next largest was bright orange and the largest was brilliant deep red. Only the bigger ones have the stripe of black. They seem to be fairly well armed with what look like some impressive fangs and are hyper aware of being watch. They move under and around things to keep from being seen.
Anything you could tell me about them would be greatly appreciated.
Signature: Much Thanks, Tracey

Wheel Bug Nymphs

Hi Tracey,
These are immature, predatory Wheel Bugs and they might bite if carelessly handled.  The bite may cause local swelling, but it is not considered dangerous, though it is reported to be quite painful.

Location: Tennessee

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