Subject: weird bug in our house (second time)
Location: colorado
May 26, 2012 10:17 am
hi bugman,
got a couple weird bugs walking around our house and we have no clue what it is.
any clue?
thanks for helping.
Signature: kevin

Spotted Pine Sawyer

Hi Kevin,
We believe this is a Spotted Pine Sawyer,
Monochamus clamator, but we would not discount another member of the genus.  If the beetle was found indoors, it may have come into the house in the dormant stage within firewood.  Though the larvae bore in wood, they are usually very species specific and they will not do any structural damage to your home.  The grubs are usually found in dead or diseased trees.  You can read more about the Spotted Pine Sawyer on BugGuide.

you’re the best! thank you so much!

Location: Colorado

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  1. Lois DiCicco says:

    I found one of these crawling on my curtains today (April 3, 2013) here in Wilmington, DE. I was so afraid he would jump on me and sting me! He’s in a jar right now. Guess I should let him go outside. Thanks for your site and identifications:)

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