Subject: Love or Death? (mosquitos?)
Location: West Tokyo, Japan (open park)
May 19, 2012 6:28 am
I was out doing more photography in Tokyo and spotted this amazing coupling of, I think, a male and female mosquito. Can you help me determine what sort of bugs these are, and whether one was mating with the other, or just lugging around its corpse!?
(They were atop a leaf at first, then when I got too close they shifted over over to perch in a vertical posture… but I didn’t see any motion from the ”bottom”…)
Thanks and best!
Signature: R Fillingham

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Hiya, autobot!
I feel a bit silly even asking, since it seems quite obvious the other insect is dead from its leg position… but then I used that as a clue. Could it be one of those flies that offers a corpse up during mating season as a present to its lover? He’s all stocked up. 🙂
Thanks and best,

Robber Fly eats Crane Fly

Dear R Fillingham,
The predator is a Robber Fly and the prey is a Crane Fly.

Hiya Mr Marlos,
Thank you so much! I’ve been on a photo kick focusing on insects around the city parks but have been hopeless about identification.
Here’s a slightly cleaned up shot from the same series, for interest:
You will probably hear from me again soon! Thanks so much again.

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Location: Japan

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