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Subject: Some beautiful close up photos of what I believe is a Prometheus moth
Location: Watkins Glen NY
May 20, 2012 3:17 pm
Hey there! I visit your site requently; as someone living in the ’country’ who was not raised here (raised in a relatively bugless suburban area), I have questions all the time about bugs I come across, and you are an awesome resource. Last night was our first night warm enough to be out on the deck late into the night, and I had visitor. A huge moth I’d never seen before. Took some photos and he was hanging out so relaxed I gently, without touching his wings, scooped him up- and he hung out on my hand for awhile, resulting in some cool pics. I was coming here to share them with you, and there on the front page was what I believe to be ’my’ moth lol, although mine is much more of a beautiful red. I hope you might be able to use these photos to show the beauty of this guy. And of course, if it is not a Prometheus moth, do let me know 🙂
Signature: MeganNY

Promethea Moth

Hi MeganNY,
We agree that this is a Promethea Moth, however, she is a female.  Males are much darker and have more feathery antennae.  The Promethea Moth can be distinguished from the similar Tulip Tree Silkmoth, according to BugGuide, by spots on the forewings: “Males are brown centrally, females yellowish brown. On females the angular white spots are largest on the forewings.”  On your moth, the spots on the hind wings are larger.

Thanks for getting back to me Daniel. Thank you for your confirmation and correction on her sex (I was just using ‘He’ as a generic descriptor, I had no idea either way). She actually hung out on our deck again yesterday for a few hours, fanning her wings… I’ll have to do a little more research on what she could be going. I’ve never seen such large and beautiful moths as these… gotta love living in the country! I also saw a big green moth later that night, but she only stayed a second and I wasn’t able to get a photo. I see on your site the Luna moth, I’m pretty sure that’s what she was.
Thanks again!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: New York

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