Subject: Pale blue butterfly in Costa Rica
Location: Platanillo, Costa Rica
May 20, 2012 12:04 pm
What have we here? This butterfly was sitting outside this morning – obviously, searching for ”blue CR butterfly” brings back only the Morpho. This one is a very delicate light shade of blue, so pretty!
Signature: Paula

White Peacock

Hi Paula,
We scanned through the images on Butterfly Farm, a website from Costa Rica, and we located a match to your butterfly,
Anartia jatrophe.  We then searched that name and found another couple of images on the Neotropical Butterflies website, one from Texas and one from Brazil, and a common name White Peacock.  The White Peacock has a large range.  According to Learn About Butterflies:  “The genus Anartia is closely allied to Junonia and its Afro-Oriental equivalent Precis, and shares their liking for sunny open habitats in disturbed woodland.  … When freshly emerged jatrophae in has a beautiful mother-of-pearl luminescence that is difficult to reproduce in a photograph.  Anartia jatrophae is distributed from the southern USA to Bolivia and Argentina. It is also found on most Caribbean islands.”  According to BugGuide, the White Peacock prefers:  “Open, moist areas such as edges of ponds and streams, along shallow ditches, weedy fields, parks.”  We suspect your individual recently underwent some trauma.  The lower wing on the left side is displaced from its typical position and the wings are somewhat ragged.

Thank you! Fascinating that I have never seen a White Peacock in all my years living in Texas (and the common name is also interesting, because it is not white). There are so many butterfly farms and gardens here in Costa Rica – it is truly a bug-lover’s paradise. I also have a large wolf spider on my bedroom wall at the moment, but prefer not to get close enough to take a picture of it 🙂

Location: Costa Rica

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