red and black bugs
Location: Covington LA 70433
May 7, 2012 4:38 pm
Hello, I just started gardening not long ago and I have a mix of squash plants, and tomatoe plants, I noticed that my tomatoe plants has been infested with caterpillars, but now I just saw that there is a new bug that is hanging out on my squash plants. I took a picture and looked these up, I dont know if these are beneficial bugs that eat the caterpillars or the bad bugs that dont..please help. thanks in advance.
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Immature Leaf Footed Bugs

In our opinion, these are immature Leaf Footed Bugs in the genus Leptoglossus, based on this BugGuide image.  Leaf Footed Bugs feed on the fluids of plants and they might spread virus infections to your crops.  You can research some possible species by browsing through BugGuide.

Location: Louisiana

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