American Lady butterfly?
Location: Barnegat, NJ
May 9, 2012 8:20 pm
Hey guys!
I ”saved” this butterfly from our kitchen light on 5/7/12, and think it’s an ”American Lady” butterfly. I’m attaching 2 quick photos I took of it before it flew away. Am I correct?
Signature: Thy Cavagnaro

American Lady

Dear Thy,
We just love tagging postings with Bug Humanitarian Award, which you deserve for rescuing what is most assuredly an American Lady.  You can distinguish the American Lady,
Vanessa virginiensis,  from the other members of the genus by, according to BugGuide:  “Below (ventral surface of wings): two large eyespots” and “Dorsal wing surfaces: If present (it isn’t always–see below), a white dot in the orange of the forewing distinguishes American Lady from the Painted Lady. Another easy-to-see character is the falcate (notched) wing-tip of the American Lady. In the Painted Lady the wing-tip is rounded.”

American Lady

Hi Daniel,
Cool, and thanks! 🙂 I posted it on your FB page, too, and had called it the American Lady on there, so glad I was correct.
LOOOOVE your sites! 🙂

That is so cool Thy.  Please don’t think less of us if we admit we do not visit the Facebook page.  We are happy you sent the photos to our ten year old website.

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Location: New Jersey

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