Snoutmoth found! Bleptina caradrinalis
Location: Orange County
May 8, 2012 1:59 am
Hey bugman,
A little while back I sent a query about a funny little snouty-moth that snuck into my house (meanwhile, all the moths I’ve been trying to attract with a blacklight gleefully ignore it). Well, after a lot of searching, I think I’ve pegged him as a Bent-Winged Owlet. The pictures on the bug guide seem lighter than him, but he has the orange markings and the ribbony pattern on his wings. In celebration, I thought I’d send you the biggest picture I had of him. Unfortunately it’s a terrible picture, and he’s surrounded by sugar crumbles because that was the only jar we could catch him in on short notice. He did not seem to enjoy roasted cinnamon almonds as much as we do, sad to say.
Signature: Hopefully victorious

What's That Moth???

Dear Hopefully victorious,
Alas, we can neither confirm nor refute your identification, however we are posting your letter and photo and perhaps one of our more knowledgeable readers will be able to provide some insight.  We are linking to the BugGuide page for the Bent Winged Owlet which does look very similar to your moth.

Location: California

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