A Child’s Question
Location: Falls Church, VA (Northern Virginia)
May 3, 2012 8:26 pm
A child at my school asked me what this was today and I figured I’d best ask you!
Signature: Nicole


Hi Nicole,
First off we want to compliment on this beautiful saturated color photograph of a Oak Treehopper, Platycotis vittata, which we identified on BugGuide where it is described as:  “Grayish spotted with yellow, or turquoise with red stripes and red eyes. With or without a thorn-like horn.  This species may be easily distinguished from all our other species of membracids (except Umbonia and Lephopelta) by its very short posterior tarsi. It usually has a long compressed pronotal horn which varies greatly in length and may be entirely absent. The wing venation shows considerable variation. Green body color, mottled or speckled with orange. (Dozier 1920)”.

Location: Virginia

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