Location: Longs, Sc
May 3, 2012 4:29 pm
Could you please identify this bug for me and tell me how i can stop the madness. They swarm all over our house, gutters, siding, outdoor plants, everything…all day has been very warm and sunny here and they have been here for about 2 weeks now but it is becoming increasingly more difficult..we cant even go outside during the day. Please help me identify these bugs and find a solution to get our backyard back.
Signature: Coral’s Mom

Lablab Bug

Dear Coral’s Mom,
When an insect, other animal or plant is accidentally introduced to an area that is not its typical range, it must have certain conditions met to survive.  It must have a climate conducive to its survival and it must have a food supply.  When that happens it can become naturalized and without natural predators, it might become proliferate to the point it crowds out native species.  It is then an invasive exotic species.  Many years ago, Kudzu was introduced to the south and it has grown unchecked.  More recently, Lablab Bugs, were accidentally introduced to Georgia.  The good news is that they eat Kudzu.  The bad news is that they will eat other crops and they are multiplying and spreading.  You have Lablab Bugs.

Lablab Bugs

Thank you so much for identifying that bug for us.  Now, this is probably something I need to call an exterminator about?. They are literally taking over the whole southside of my house and plants and trees. Thanks!

We do not endorse extermination in most situations.  We doubt in this case if extermination will eliminate the problem.  You need to locate where they are reproducing and remove the food source, probably kudzu.

I have no kudzu around but they are on my wysteria bush.  Thanks for your help.

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Location: South Carolina

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