Mosquito Project
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
May 1, 2012
Hey Daniel,  You guys were so interested by it last year, I figured I’d just drop u a quick email letting you know that I’m doing my mosquito project again this year. Just started it last week. I’m actually going to be buying a few small fish soon so I’m hoping to be able to raise them for fish food as well. Just wanted to share with someone who shares my passion for bugs!!!
I knew what it was last yr when I did my mosquito project but I forgot what it is. I also didn’t know it goes thru a process much like that of a mosquito until I saw this lil guy with the white beard. 🙂
Later! -Amanda Gorman


Hi Amanda,
The aquatic creatures in your photos are Bloodworms: a larva and a pupa.  Bloodworms are the immature phases of Midges in the genus Chironomus.  Here is a matching photo from BugGuide.  According to BugGuide:  “Larvae are usually found in sediments, and can occur in highly polluted conditions or in relatively clean water. Larvae of the Ch. decorus group, Ch. riparius and Ch. stigmaterus are most often associated with high nutrient/low oxygen conditions.”  Fish will relish Bloodworms as much as they do Mosquito Larvae.

Bloodworm Pupa


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Location: Michigan

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