Location: Forest of Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia.
April 29, 2012 3:45 am
Hello again Mr.Bugman,
I would like to ask about the identity of this strange insect.
This insect has a pair of long mandibles to pick anything suitable from it’s surroundings to pile it onto it’s collection on it’s back.
I believe it collects these things to help it in camouflaging just like the way some assassin bug nymphs pile their dead prey on their back.
It has some spike-like hairs.
It’s head looks like that of an antlion.
Signature: Xing

Lacewing Larva

Hi Xing,
Your observations are quite astute.  The reason the head reminds you of an Antlion is that this Lacewing Larva is in the same insect order as the Antlions.  This camouflage behavior is quite common in Lacewing Larvae.

Location: Malaysia

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