Leaf-Footed Bug?
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
April 25, 2012 5:22 pm
Shouldn’t it be leaf-legged? Anyhow, I found these two on a Cow’s Tongue Prickly Pear while taking flower pictures. How can I identify the species?
Signature: Ranger Dan

Leaf Footed Bugs

Dear Ranger Dan,
According to BugGuide, Leaf-Footed Bugs is the accepted common name, but we have also seen the common names Big Legged Bug and Flag Footed Bug applied to the family Coreidae.  To avoid any confusion, you can stick to the family name Coreid Bugs.  We wish you had supplied a dorsal view of the individuals you found.  We suspect these are members of the genus
Narnia based on BugGuide, and there are a few species reported from Arizona.

Thanks Daniel,  After looking around a bit, I did come up with Narnia, also.  Funny, I never even thought to take a shot from a different view.  Now I know better!!
I put the picture of the Narnia on my blog as well as another leaf-footed bug, Chelinidea vittiger.  Next time I come across that prickly pear, I will see if I can spot the Narnias again and get some better shots.

Leaf Footed Bug: Narnia femorata

Hi Again Ranger Dan,
Based on this photo on BugGuide, we are inclined to agree that this is most likely
Narnia femorata.

Leaf Footed Bug

Location: Arizona

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