Bugs on my Male Cotttonwood???
Location: Denver, CO
April 25, 2012 8:32 pm
I noticed these bugs in groups on my Male Cottonwood and have no clue what they are, perhaps you can help. If i need to apply pesticide before they kill my tree, i’ll need to act quick.
Thanks!! 🙂
Signature: Cottonwood guy

Possibly Reddish Brown Willow Bark Aphids

Dear Cottonwood guy,
These are Aphids and we believe they might be in the genus
Pterocomma based on some of the photos posted to BugGuide.  There are only two species and the photos on the species pages do not resemble your Aphids.  Only the photos on the more generic page look like your Aphids, however, one of the species, Pterocomma bicolor, is commonly called the Reddish Brown Willow Bark Aphid on bugGuide.  Willow and Cottonwood are related and many insects that feed on one will accept the other as food as well.  Also though the one photo identified on BugGuide as Pterocomma bicolor does not look like your Aphids, the binomial name indicates two colors and that is consistent with the black and orange coloration of your specimens.  The winged Aphids are sexually reproductive adults that will mate.  Aphids are capable of parthenogenic reproduction and a female can create genetic clones of herself without a mate, which is why Aphids are able to reproduce so quickly.  We do not offer extermination advice, but in an effort to prevent you from spraying harmful pesticides that may kill beneficial insects as well as the Aphids, we would urge you to spray the colony with soapy water, an effective means of eradication that does not harm the environment as much as pesticides will.

Possibly Reddish Brown Willow Bark Aphids

Location: Colorado

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