What Is Going On Here?
Location: San Antonio, TX
April 23, 2012 12:36 pm
Hey Bugman! I live in San Antonio, TX and over the last few weeks we have had TONS of butterflies flying around our yard. The other day I noticed a bunch of them hanging out on a certain tree. Today (4/22/12) I went outside and took a picture of them gathered around the same spot. Once I loaded the pictures to my computer I was surprised to see the beetles that I didn’t even realize were there when I took the picture. Why are they all hanging out together. I attached two pictures. One where you can see the butterflies pattern and the other is of 5 butterflies and 4 beetles.
Signature: Daisy

Red Admirals feeding on Sap

Dear Daisy,
This is such a marvelous documentation.  The tree is oozing sap and the butterflies and beetles are feeding on the sap.  Many butterflies take sustenance from places other than blossoms, and sap is a common food for many species of butterflies including these Red Admirals.  The beetles appear to be Green June Beetles or Figeaters, or a closely related species.  We wish your photos had a higher resolution, but they are still quite wonderful.  Here is a similar documentation from our archives, though the butterfly is a Mourning Cloak.

Red Admirals and Green June Beetles

Location: Texas

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