interview for the Russian magazine F5
Dear Daniel,
Here is the link to our interview, published (in Russian) in Medved magazine:
The illustration is mine, I hope you like it.
Thanks so much for your patience and for your witty and interesting answers. I really enjoyed interviewing you.
Elena Rodina

Illustration of Daniel Marlos by Elena Rodina

Thanks Elena,
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, visitors to What’s That Bug? are able to use our translation feature which works in over fifty languages.  The illustration looks just like me.

2 Responses to Bugman interviewed in F5, a Russian magazine

  1. N. Fritz says:

    re: the translation feature. The German one doesn’t seem to be working today (4/22), but in the past it’s translated the title “What’s that Bug?” as “What’s that computer glitch?” (German: Fehler). Just thought you should know the limitations of the translating program!!

    • bugman says:

      That is positively hilarious. The term “bug” has so many possible meanings in English. We will be the first to acknowledge that a computer glitch is most definitely a bug.

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