Redback in Louisiana
Location: Louisiana
April 19, 2012 12:02 am
I found this spider on my sister’s door (in the door jam)of her apartment. I got it in a cup, took a picture, and let it go outside.
Signature: Kristi

Red Spotted Antmimic Spider

Hi Kristi,
The Redback Spider,
Latrodectus hasselti, is an Australian species that is related to the Black Widow and its bite is considered dangerous.  To the best of our knowledge, there have never been any reports of Redback Spiders in North America, but plenty of Australian species have become established here and elsewhere, so anything is possible with global travel being so commonplace these days.  You can read about the Redback Spider on the Australian Museum website.  Our web search led us to the Spiderzrule website where we identified this Antmimic Spider, most likely the Red Spotted Antmimic Spider, Castianeira descripta.  We verified that identification on BugGuide though we would not rule out the possibility that your spider is a relative, Castianeira crocata, also represented on BugGuide.  It is not considered to be a harmful species.  We are tagging your posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award for your catch and release of this interesting Antmimic Spider.

Thank you for responding. It is nice to know that it wasn’t poisonous! I prefer to let them go so they can eat our mosquitos! 😉

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Location: Louisiana

29 Responses to Red Spotted Antmimic Spider

  1. Lori Nisenoff says:

    Blue Ridge, GA
    Kristi, thanks for posting. I just encountered either one or two (not sure). I saw one around the house last summer. Pretty much the same thought as you, if it doesn’t bother me, I won’t bother it. It was in and out of the wood surrounding my onion/carrot bed. 20 minutes later I saw it (or a different one) crawling up my pants by the cantaloupe; scared me to death! Will definitely start bringing my camera with me.

  2. Julie says:

    My husband swears that he saw a red back in our she’d I’ve showed him many different types of spiders and no match except the red back is it possible that they would be in Oklahoma

  3. nicolette says:

    I killed two red back spiders this week. One tonight in the living room while picking up my son’s booksack off the carpet. Two days ago another one was under the car port. They aren’t shy. They weren’t in hard to reach places like typical dangerous spiders and know to mistakenly come into contact with people. I live in central louisiana.

  4. incorrect says:

    Found one in ocean springs M.S.fed it to my rooster.

  5. Dude says:

    I just id’d one this morning in Fredericksburg, VA

  6. GabrielFrost says:

    Just caught one exactly like the picture in Killeen. TX. let it go …but then killed it when I saw the bright orange band down the back. Sorry I’m use to nature’s basic law. “Bright warnings usually equals dangerous”.

  7. Nicholas pinkins says:

    Seen one at work killed it slowly lol thought it was a black widow

  8. Nikki Hobbs says:

    Saw one here today. Located in Western North Carolina.

  9. Momma toots says:

    It’s a red spotted ant mimic spider. Not dangerous.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Saw one today running across my bathroom floor. I live inTupelo, Mississippi

  11. DR says:

    Found one crawling across the hardwood floor in my bedroom 19 minutes ago. Sorry, I scooped it up with a tissue and flushed it down the toilet.

  12. Anne says:

    found one in knoxville tn today looks just like the Antmimic spider. I have grown up with Black Widows all my life and this is NOT a BW.

  13. Dluna says:

    Found one on my sticky trap here in Wichita Ks. We’ve seen an increase of spiders including black widows I’m assuming it’s because of the increase in ants.

  14. danyel says:

    i found one in my couch. but i guess he came from our curtains when we took them down. i was scared because my dog kept walking over the spider, even though the spider was dead. and i live in Columbia Missouri.

  15. Rodney says:

    People this is a red spotted ant mimic spider and it isn’t dangerous to us only ants and insects.

  16. Mary says:

    My dog was laying on my bed with me when she got up like something was bothering her. Then I saw this spider running out from underneath her. I scooped it up and took a picture. Creeped me out on my bed! I’m in Milton, Florida. Clearly this is a southern spider.

  17. Eagle7 says:

    I just found this today, I saw two of these outside by an unmaintained garden. I bolted out of there as I do not mess with spiders. Southeast Alabama. I’d take a picture of them, but no!

  18. Susan Anderson says:

    I saw one today while doing yard work. She was scurrying across the driveway. I wish I had my camera with me but she looked just like the picture above. I knew it wasn’t a black widow (although I have seen black widows, brown widows, red widows, and brown recluses around here over the last 10 years) and figured it couldn’t be a redback (although those possibilities do exist with world-wide travel and trade). My two hours of searching for whatever she is paid off. She must be a red-spotted ant mimic spider, although the red was pretty much her entire back. I observed her until she went into the grass. I figured the red was a warning for me not to touch her. I also figure it is a female (although my logic may well be flawed) because, with spiders, the males are not generally brightly colored. She was easily as large as a black widow spider.

  19. Torrie says:

    Had to Google it. Found on in the bathroom lastnight and it scared me because I though it was a black widow but I didn’t smash it enough so I could see if it was an hourglass and nope looks identical to the post above. I’m in a small town called mcloud Oklahoma.

  20. Nicole says:

    Friday June 14th 2019 found one running across the living room floor.

  21. Pam Yewell says:

    My husband found this exact spider walking around on our bathroom floor. We had a good look at him/her and then let it go outside. I was concerned that it was a species of Black Widow and began looking for it. The picture at the beginning of this site is the same spider.

  22. Dave says:

    I just got rid of one that was on my desk here in Athens, GA.

  23. Cara says:

    Just killed one in my store in Hickory NC on June 9th,2020

  24. annie says:

    saw one today in Kansas.

  25. Letty says:

    Well we just saw one just like this in my livingroom and it scared the living hairs off of me. I’m sorry but with that red color on it’s back just threw a red flag at me so I just gently stepped on it so that I can pick it up and research it. And because I know nothing about spiders nor did I know that a black widow has the same colors until I researched it. The black widow with the same red colors but the black widow has red spots. And this one had a strip. So I have sprayed my house with water & peppermint oil. I want nothing to do with spiders in my house they creep me out. ?

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