Nevada WCTA Insect Survey
Location: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, NV
April 18, 2012 4:32 pm
I think this is an Eleodes, but I would like confirmation.
Signature: Alayna

Acrobat Beetle

Hi Alayna,
We agree that this is a Desert Stink Beetle or Acrobat Beetle in the genus
Eleodes, and it looks very similar to this individual from Utah posted to BugGuide that is not identified to the species level.  BugGuide also notes that there are over 129 species in North America that are “Divided into 14 subgenera based primarily on female genitalia.”  We do not have the necessary skills to make a species identification.  Desert Stink Beetles are often found ambling slowly over the terrain.  If they are disturbed, they lower their heads, raise their abdomens and emit an odor, hence the two common names.  We especially like the name Acrobat Beetle.

Location: Nevada

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