Ten Lined June Beetle?
Location: longmont, Colorado
April 16, 2012 6:50 pm
Hey there, bug folks!
Here are a few pix I took of a big ol’ beetle that my wife caught in our backyard in Colorado. I think it was August. Feel free to use the pix for your website.
Thanks for all the IDs you do!
Signature: /andrew webb

Lined June Beetle

Dear Andrew,
While we can say for certain that this is a Lined June Beetle in the genus
Polyphylla, which is well represented on BugGuide, we cannot say for certain that it is a Ten Lined June Beetle.  The markings are not as prominent as they usually are on the Ten Lined June Beetle.

Location: Colorado

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  1. lorry says:

    Does it make noise?

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