Colossal creepy crawly
Location: Northern Central Maryland
April 16, 2012 11:04 pm
Yikes! Found this guy in our basement as I was coming down to put some tools away. I can’t say that I blame him, it was up to about 90 degrees outside and humid, where this basement stays nice and cool. Spider was caught and released (down the street… by the lady’s request) in Maryland. The striped legs make me think that it’s a wolf spider, btu the rest of the markings don’t particularly line up.
It was actually remarkably large compared to the quarter in this picture, but at least you can see the markings a little more nicely. Thanks in advance!
Signature: -DG

Fishing Spider

Dear DG,
Because you took the time to relocate this beautiful Fishing Spider, we are tagging your post with the Bug Humanitarian Award.  Fishing Spider or Dock Spiders are generally found near water.  They are capable of diving beneath the surface to escape predators and they are even known to prey upon small fish and other aquatic creatures.  Fishing Spiders in the genus
Dolomedes are classified as Nursery Web Spiders because they don’t built webs to snare prey, but rather to provide a habitat for their offspring.

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Location: Maryland

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