Kindergarten show and tell
Location: Gaston county NC
April 17, 2012 9:24 am
Dear Mr Bugman,
We found a visitor in our classroom tadpole project. The children would like to know what kind of bug he is, what he eats, and does he bite? The children were very excited when he showed his hidden wings. Thank you!
Signature: Mrs M and class

Fiery Searcher

Dear Mrs M and class,
This gorgeous predator is a Caterpillar Hunter known as a Fiery Searcher,
Calosoma scrutator.  Both adults and larvae feed ravenously on caterpillars.  You can read more about the Fiery Searcher on BugGuide

Thanks for telling us about fiery searcher.  We looked it up and discovered they like the eastern tent moth cat. that our playground is covered with.  It wasn’t long before all the kids were hollering, ” Mrs M, He bit his head off.”  Every insect book I have is now flying off the shelf.  Thanks, Mrs M

We are very happy to hear the youngsters are now so interested in insects.

Location: North Carolina

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