LA Times article on Leo Politi Elementary’s inner-city nature/science program
April 16, 2012
It’s not every day an inner-city public school is featured worldwide on the front page of the LA Times for a ‘best practice,’ so I want to seize the moment and share our good news with you.  Here’s the article:,0,1384226.story
I hope you enjoy it and will ‘pass it on’ to any and all who might share a passion for the work.  I also encourage you to visit the Los Angeles Audubon Society for more information on their work.  Explore the ‘Education’ link to see the actual work of our school’s science illustrators:
Brad Rumble
Los Angeles

Thanks for the tip Brad.  Our LA Times is still on the front porch.  We still prefer reading our local news on the train to work as opposed to on the computer since we do so many other tasks on the computer.

Update:  Hi again Paul,
We read the article on the train.  We didn’t realize that you were the principal at Leo Politi.  Congratulations on a job well done and the well deserved press coverage on the amazing improvement in the science competency at your school.

Location: California

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