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Identification Request: Green hovering bug
Location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
April 11, 2012 10:09 pm
I see these bugs on rare occassions. They will hover in one spot in mid air. If you disturb them, they fly away and then they will return to the exact same spot. They move very quickly.
These photos were taken in South Florida in June.
Signature: Danman

Green Orchid Bee

Dear Danman,
When we first posted an image of a Green Orchid Bee in the genus
Euglossa, in 2004, it was something of a sensation because it was a more tropical species that was not reported from Florida.  It has since become quite well established.  Its presence could be due to global warming or other man made causes like accidental introduction or cultivation of its food source in gardens.

I first saw these in Hollywood, Florida in 1987. That is 18 years previous to your 2004 post. They would find a spot in mid air for no apparent reason and they would hover without any deviation. If you waved your hand, they would fly away in an arc, and the they would return to that same spot in mid air. They are raelly odd insects.

Wow, that is fascinating.  We wonder how they avoided detection for so long.  See this:  Establishment of the neotropical Orchid Bee Euglossa viridissima (Hymenoptera:  Apidae) in Florida which states  “During the summer of 2003, however, several male Euglossa viridissima Friese 1899 were trapped around Fort Lauderdale (26°08’N, 80°08’W), Florida, by USDA employees in the fruit fly monitoring program and sent to the Florida State Collection of Arthropods for identification (Wiley 2004).”  To the best of our knowledge, that represents the first official Florida sighting.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

3 Responses to Green Orchid Bee

  1. Jim Barden says:

    The Green Orchid bee has made its way up to Sarasota FL now. I have seen it a number of times in a conservatory behind my home. Today I decided to photograph it and video it since it’s so welcoming of getting up close.

  2. Armando says:

    I can confirm Jim Barden’s claim, i saw one today, on 8-20-18, in my Sarasota backyard hovering and moving around like a hummingbird.

  3. Sally says:

    Have one here in St Augustine

    Sept 2018

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