Bug in Florida
Location: St. Petersburg Fla, April or May
April 11, 2012 5:23 pm
A couple years ago I came across this bug sitting in the middle of the street as I was taking a walk after dinner, so I took a photo with my cell phone. About the same time a year later and in pretty much the same location, I was talking to a couple of neighbors when I had one of these wind up on my shoulder, whether it flew there or hopped there I`m not sure, all I do know is that it was only a couple of inches away from my ear when it omitted a very ominous sounding buzzing noise which scared the crap out of me, I swatted the thing to the ground and asked the others if they knew exactly what this bug was but they could not help me. If it helps any, this street was very close to a garden nursery several yards away. I was wondering if possibly this bug was attracted to some exotic tree or plant that may have been in the nursery. I`d be grateful for any help you can give me.
Signature: Gary

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Hi Gary,
This is an immature Eastern Lubber Grasshopper,
Romalea microptera, a common species in Florida.  It has both a light and dark morph.  You may read more about the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper on BugGuide.

Location: Florida

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