On parsley flower
Location: Central AR
April 9, 2012 5:32 pm
Hi, found this on my parsley that is flowering already. any ideas?
Signature: Martha

Varied Carpet Beetles

Hi Martha,
These are Varied Carpet Beetles,
Anthrenus verbasci, and the larvae can be a nuisance in the home.  Some species in the genus are major threats to museum collections.  The larvae eat organic fibers like wool and pet hair and they can also be found feeding on certain foods stored in the pantry.  Adults feed on pollen.  The adult beetles are not a threat to your garden, but if they enter the home and find a suitable environment, they will lay eggs and you may find the larvae troublesome.  Here is the BugGuide food list:  “wide variety of materials of animal origin (wool, fur, skins…)(1); stored food materials and products (biscuits, cakes, seeds, wheat, maize, oats, rice, cayenne pepper, cacao, and dried cheese); adults feed on pollen.” 

Location: Arizona

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