Mutated Flying Insect ?
Location: On a small forest hill in the middle of Kota Kinabalu city, Sabah, Malaysia.
April 6, 2012 8:34 am
Hi Mr. Bugman,
I have found a strange looking insect which baffles me and my friends.
We do not even know what insect order it is from.
It looks like a mutated insect.
Description: 7mm length, Red body, black wings, black legs, black hairy antennae, black popped out eyes, back of thorax black, front of thorax contains 2 yellow bumps, white powder on thorax, several hairy long ”structures” at the end of it’s abdomen. The insect can hover high and well too. Other findings from the net –
Signature: Xing

Male Scale Insect from Malaysia

Dear Xing,
This really is a mystery.  Prior to enlarging your images, we thought it most resembled a wasp mimic moth in the family Sesiidae, but we immediately rejected that upon viewing the larger images.  Thanks so much for providing the Project Noah link and the dialog there is fascinating.  We are not convinced that this is a Planthopper, though it does share some characteristics with Planthoppers.  We wish your side angle photo had a good view of the mouthparts, as that would help to eliminate many possibilities.  This insect seems to possess characteristics that would place it in certain orders, however, it also has characteristics that would tend to eliminate those orders.  The antennae are similar to some beetles, in particular the Glowworms, but the projections at the end of the abdomen are decidedly not beetle-like.  We are going to contact Eric Eaton to see if he can provide any suggestions.  If we were to hazard a single guess on a quiz show, we would have to go with the order Megaloptera which contains Alderflies, Dobsonflies and Fishflies.

Male Scale Insect from Malaysia

Perhaps our readers will provide some possible identifications.

Male Scale Insect from Malaysia

Eric Eaton provides an identification.
This is a male scale insect.  I know!  It is positively enormous considering the size of most male scales, but that is what it is.  Thanks for sharing the amazing images.
Someone at “scalenet” might recognize this one immediately.

Thanks much Eric.

Sure.  Margarodidae may be the family.



Location: Malaysia

5 Responses to What's That Bug????? Mystery Insect from Malaysia is male Scale Insect

  1. Liu Xaun says:

    It’s not from the order Neuroptera is it? They can have some pretty bizarre forms.
    Do I see only two wings? No way that’s right, hm?

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your comment. Neuroptera was another possibility, but we though Megaloptera seemed like a better guess. We also thought we only saw two wings.

  2. joshuallen says:

    That’s really cool. Not what I would have guessed either. Amazing. At least being male explains the mascara-brush antennae.

  3. kingha says:

    It’s a giant scale male specimen :).
    Drosicha corpulenta, Monophlebidae.

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