Need Help ID These Bugs?
Location: Indialantic, Florida
April 4, 2012 8:53 am
Can Somebody please help me identify these bugs? I saw the white bug on pine needle and the small one that looks like a fly on this yellow flower.
Signature: ADubin

Bee Flies

Dear ADubin,
We are posting your photo of the Flies on the yellow flower, but we have not had any luck with an identification on BugGuide.  We are not even sure of the family and Flies are not one of our strengths when it comes to identification.  We have requested assistance from Eric Eaton and perhaps he or one of our readers will be able to assist.  Can you please provide any additional information?  When was the photo taken?  What species of flower are the Flies on?  Were there other Flies on other blossoms on the plant?

Update:  Eric Eaton provides an answer.
Sure, these are bee flies (I know!  A very diverse family, Bombyliidae) in the genus Poecilognathus.  Great image!

All can tell you that I took this photo on April 1, 2012 at 2:30PM EST.  It was in open field that is near a power substation a couple blocks from our house.  In looking at the info on Eric’s Email, it looks like a Genus Poecilognathus – Bee Fly.
Again thanks for your help.

Location: Florida

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