dogwood flower infestation
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Subject: dogwood flower infestation
Location: Atlanta, Ga
March 27, 2012 9:49 pm
These wasp-looking creatures are in about 1/4 of the flowers on my dogwood this year. The tree seems very healthy otherwise.
Signature: CV

Solitary Bees on Dogwood

Dear CV,
These are some species of Solitary Bee and they are beneficial.  As such, this should not be referred to as an infestation.  We believe your bees are in the family Megachilidae that includes Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees and you can see many examples of these bees on BugGuide.  Though the detail in your photo is limited and we cannot make out the exact identity of your species, the individual that is facing the camera appears to have a light face.  That doesn’t seem to match the appearance of the Blue Orchard Mason Bee that is pictured on a dogwood blossom on this informative posting on the Pencil and Leaf website.

Correction courtesy of John Ascher
April 22, 2012
probably Andrena males, not Megachilidae.

Location: Georgia

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