Nevada. West Tech insect survey
Location: Wheeler Camp Spring in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Blue Diamond, NV
March 25, 2012 6:49 pm
This spider was among many on rocks in a riparian pool. Researching books and bugguide takes me to Dolomedes sp, a fishing spider.
If it is Dolomedes, can you direct me to a key to species for NV or southern CA?
Signature: Bruce Lund

Nursery Web Spider

Hi Bruce,
BugGuide has records of
Dolomedes Fishing Spiders from Arizona, but not Nevada nor California.  In the past, we identified what we thought was a Fishing Spider from Nevada, but Karl who frequently assists in identifications thought it was a Nursery Web Spider in a different genus, specifically Tinus peregrinus.  Eric Eaton has a nice profile of that species on his Bug Eric blog.  Your spider does look remarkably like a Fishing Spider in the genus Dolomedes, but we cannot provide you with any information on how to key out the specimen.  Perhaps on of our readers will be able to provide additional information.

Nursery Web Spider


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Location: Nevada

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