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Bug studying geometry
Location: Sulpher Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona
March 27, 2012 5:54 pm
This beautiful insect landed on my mother’s notes for her Geometry students. I’d assumed it was a dragonfly, but this is southeastern Arizona near the Cochise Stronghold (in the Dragoon Mountains) and the nearest source of water is a small pond which I believe is man-made. I searched websites of Arizona dragonflies and came up with nothing, and someone said it was not a dragonfly (though they didn’t know what it was). I don’t know if any genus has a penchant for geometry, so I suppose the setting isn’t much help!
Signature: Timothy J


Hi Timothy,
Thank you for submitting such a humorous and amusing photograph.  Though it superficially resembles a Dragonfly, this Antlion is not even closely related.

Thanks for the very quick response! My mother corrected me and said she thinks she was teaching Algebra, not Geometry, though the appearance of Pi had me fooled. So if scientists ever use this photo for behavioral studies in entomology it is Algebra, not Geometry, which the Antlion has an affinity to, which I might have guessed if the climates of Arizona and Arabia (from which Algebra comes)  are to be compared. For reference, two common insects in the vicinity are the notorious Fire Ant, and the Horse Lubber (which we refer to as the “Mexican Grasshopper,” perhaps improperly).

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Arizona

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