Help with ID?
Location: Mexico City
March 25, 2012 2:39 pm
I have 2 pictures of butterflies taken December 1, 2011 just north of Mexico City. I have been unable to identify these two.
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Can you help?
Signature: Karl

Mexican Silverspot

Dear Karl,
We cannot for certain identify either of your Brush-Footed Butterflies in the family Nymphalidae to the species level, or even the genus level.  One resembles the common Gulf Fritillary shown on BugGuide in both wing shape and markings, so it may be a related species.  We are posting your photos in a rush prior to leaving for work.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to supply an identification.  One place to try searching is the Nymphalidae of the Americas website.  The link you provided does not work.

Brush Footed Butterfly, a Crescent perhaps

Update:  March 27, 2012
Thanks to some research by Bugophile who provided us with a few comments, we now know that the butterfly that resembles the Gulf Fritillary is a Mexican Silverspot,
Dione moneta, which can be verified on the NABA website.  Seems the Mexican Silverspot also feeds on passionflower vines as a larval host.  The Butterflies and Moths of North America also has some information.


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Location: Mexico

3 Responses to Mexican Silverspot and another Brush-Footed Butterflies from Mexico

  1. Bugophile says:

    The second one looks to me like it might be a Crescent in the genus Anthanassa: The wing structure is similar, and the patterns are close to a few different species, particularly some of the female specimens. They seem to have more white in general than the males.

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