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What the hell is this??
Location: Safford, Arizona
March 24, 2012 4:25 pm
Please help… It looks beetle-ish like and grasshopper-ish like.
There are swarms of them… And caught this one on a concrete block. Took this photo back in October.
Again, these things are nasty!
Signature: Brittney Ivie

Horse Lubber

Hi Brittney,
The Horse Lubber,
Taeniopoda eques, is a species of Grasshopper found in the arid southwest.  According to BugGuide:  “The bright lines on the head make it look from the side like a horse’s head with a bridle, and the overall effect is reminiscent of the armor, harness and other equipment on a medieval knight’s horse- which probably explains both the common and scientific names.” 

A Reader Comments
March 27, 2012 5:11 pm
Hi, As an educator,I have been a long time user of this website. I enjoy looking at the information myself as well as sharing this website with my students. Today I opened up the website and the first thing my students saw was a post with the following narrative, ”What the hell is this?” Seeing such language puts my use of this website in a school setting at risk. I would appreciate it if in the future you could edit inappropriate language in posts before putting them on your website.
Thank you.
Signature: Lynn Wisniewski

Automated Response:
Thank you for submitting your identification request.
Please understand that we have a very small staff that does this as a labor of love. We cannot answer all submissions (not by a long shot). But we’ll do the best we can!

I certainly do appreciate your quick response and hope that your are able to address the use of inappropriate language in posts. I don’t know if your resources allow you the opportunity to edit before putting narratives on the website.  Perhaps you could put a disclaimer at the top of the submission part of the website asking for appropriate language as children and other viewers may be offended by foul language.
Your website is awesome and my daughter who is thinking about getting her graduate degree in entymology particularly enjoys it.  Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your concern Lynn,
We realize that there are many young visitors to our site, and for that reason we are very careful about the use of profanity.  We do not generally edit the letters we receive and we also refrain from correcting grammar and spelling in the letters we post.  While the language you cited is definitely crass, we take even more offense to Brittney referring to the Horse Lubber as “nasty”.  Rest assured that we do monitor the content of the website, but there is always going to be someone that finds something we post offensive.  There is far more graphic, crass and offensive language on television.  We will try to be more mindful in the future.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Arizona

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