Big Psychedelic Beetle
Location: Indian Land, South Carolina
March 23, 2012 9:32 pm
I saw this very large beetle scurrying about on the sidewalk in a parking lot in Indian Land, South Carolina (just south of Charlotte NC) today. Iridescent shell, the head was blue – and he was very lightweight – I scooped him up to try to snap a photo that would give a better perspective of his size, but he was a surprisingly fast crawler. Definitely not a denizen of a damp forest muck. Two photos attached – one is simply a zoom of the original. This one’s got me stumped.
Signature: Chris

Fiery Searcher

Hi Chris,
This beautiful beetle is one of the Caterpillar Hunters in the genus
Calosoma.  It is Calosoma scrutator, and it is commonly called the Fiery Searcher.  Both adults and larvae are ravenous feeders that eat caterpillars.  See BugGuide for additional information.

Thanks VERY much!  I spent about half an hour trying to ID it myself before submitting the query.  Really appreciate the help!
All the best,

Location: South Carolina

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