The Amazing Replicating Moth?
Location: Washington DC
March 24, 2012 8:45 am
Dear WTB,
So, this particular creature population has been living with us for quite some time- since last summer. At first, they were not much of a problem and we didn’t mind coexisting (especially considering our battle at the time with fungus moths in our plants- ARG!) Anyway, things have gotten way out of control with these little moth-like bugs. Hundreds populate our home on a daily basis. Regardless of whether I decide to kill a bunch or not, they do not seem to live very long to begin with, but always return in greater numbers. I am hesitant to call the exterminator because they charge such ridiculous rates just for a basic assessment. In my searching on the internet, people insist that they are cupboard moths, but they don’t look like them and do not reside in our cupboards at all. They can be found all over the windows, wall and by lights. Our neighbors don’t seem to have them. Do you have any pointers for helping me to understand what they are, how to find the source and take care of them? Thanks.
Signature: Travis

Bathroom Fly

Hi Travis,
The Bathroom Fly is a common household pest that belongs to the family of Moth Flies, hence your confusion as to its identity.  Indoors Bathroom Flies breed in the sludge that accumulates in drains, and that is where the larvae can be found.  Exterminating the adults will not help with your problem.  You need to get to the larvae.  Pouring chlorine bleach down the drains once a week may help.

You are nothing short of amazing! Thank you sooooo much. I will give your idea a shot and let you know of our progress.  My only question is whether is is more likely that the moths are coming from a drain outside or are they originating from indoor clogged drains? If outside, I am at a loss.  However, they seem to be outside the house often enough. More often inside though, I must admit.  Thanks for your thoughts. Bleach in the drains tomorrow and we’ll see.
Thanks, Travis

Chlorine bleach?!
March 27, 2012 7:39 am
Advocating the use of chlorine bleach is to my mind akin to Unneccesary Carnage of the environment.  Chlorine is bad stuff.  I wonder if there are less harmful ways to deal with Bathroom Flies? Thanks, Dave Fallow
Signature: Dave Fallow

Thanks Dave,
Many products that we use on a daily basis, including ones to clean our homes, its furnishings and even ourselves, are harmful to the environment, and moderation in our habits is about the best that we can hope to do at this point since so much damage has already been done to this fragile planet.  Perhaps a better response would have been that the Bathroom Flies, though a nuisance, are basically harmless.

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Location: Washington, DC

6 Responses to Bathroom Flies infest Home!!!

  1. I have to disagree that drain flies in a home are only a nuisance. I can’t imagine that the buildup in the drain that these flies develop in can be germ or bacteria free. I am sure these little flies are spreading these germs and bacteria where every they land. There are products that are made specifically to deal with drain fly infestations that won’t harm the environment. They are called Drain Gels. Drain Gels utilize special bacteria cultures and free enzymes to coat drains and cut through the decomposing organic materials that drain flies require to lay their eggs. As an added bonus these “good” bacteria will even help a clogged drain and your septic tank. You can google the term Drain Gel to find the product you need.

  2. jeanie says:

    There are biological products which clean drains by introducing a kind of yeast which eats the sludge out of pipes. It is sometimes a granular product which you mix with warm, not hot, water and pour down the drain at night, then don’t run water into the drain for around 6-8 hours. Using it every week or so, it eats up the sludge and is not a harmful chemical.., is better for the environment and also clears out your drains. One is called Roebic Bacterial Drain Cleaner.

  3. Yolanda Tuiasosopo says:

    This morning while taking a call i saw and felt something on my ankle that didn’t feel good. A minute later it became quite itchy. It looked like what you have pictured to be a bathroom fly. Thinking about it i do see that in the sink. Your desciption says they dont bite. This one did, no mark though.

  4. Kurt says:

    Take ur drain apart and clean it out. Done

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