Small insect on antennae
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
March 16, 2012 7:59 pm
Hiya, I’ve got this photo of a weta and it was only after downloading it from my camera that I noticed there was a tiny little insect attached to the weta’s antennae. Can you tell me what it is? It’s got claws like a crab or scorpion. This was taken in Karori, Wellington, NZ in my front garden. Lots of stones and trees.
Signature: Thank you, Angela

Phoresy: Pseudoscorpion hitches ride on Weta!!!

Dear Angela,
You have taken a marvelous photograph.  First we must say that we love your New Zealand Wetas.  They are amazing insects.  The hitchhiker is a harmless Pseudoscorpion.  The act of using another creature for transportation purposes is known as phoresy, and we have several interesting images of Pseudoscorpions engaging in phoresy on our website, including a House Fly, an Ichneumon, a Cranefly and a Longicorn.  Thank you again for your wonderful photograph.

Pseudoscorpion on Weta Antenna


Location: New Zealand

2 Responses to Phoresy: Pseudoscorpion hitches ride on Weta in New Zealand

  1. Claire says:

    We’d love a hi-res of the first image (Phoresy: Pseudoscorpion hitches ride on Weta!!!), if you have one. We’d like to include it in a forthcoming book for kids all about New Zealand’s amazing arachnids. (Publication details sent in separate email.)

    • bugman says:

      Dear Claire,
      This posting is nine years old. We are not able to track down Angela, but we frequently allow permission to use images on our site.
      We will allow you to use the image, crediting both What’s That Bug? and Angela as photographer.
      Please post your request as a comment to the actual posting with the image you want. We will attempt to locate the higher resolution images for you.

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