Blue Marine Insect Larvae?
Location: Edisto Beach, SC, USA
March 14, 2012 8:36 am
I found these floating in a small tidepool on the Atlantic Ocean. The whole mass would skitter across the surface back and forth as a group. Any clues as to what species they are?
Current date is 3/14/2012
Signature: Adam M

Marine Springtails

Dear Adam,
These are Springtails, primitive hexapods or six legged creatures in the order Collembola.  They are believed to be the most numerous creatures on the planet.  More specifically, your Springtails are in the genus
Anurida, and most likely the species Anurida maritima, which is well represented on BugGuide.  Because of the species name “maritima” it is fair to assume that this Springtail should be called a Marine Springtail, though BugGuide does not list a common name.

Location: South Carolina

3 Responses to Marine Springtails AKA Granite Bugs

  1. voltron7 says:

    nice photo! Here in Maine, we often call these Granite Bugs, since we see them in tide pools and rocky coastlines…I know now that they are spring tails, so thanks WTB…

  2. voltron7 says:

    cool, thanks again for the info and i.d.

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