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Location: Orlando FL
March 7, 2012 5:44 pm
I need help figuring out what this bug is. I found him at 4:30pm on 3/7/2012. My guess was Chinch Bug, and that he is the guilty party that has comlpetely destroyed my St Augustine yard to bare dirt at my Orlando Florida home. Please help me identify this guy and if he could be the one that killed my lawn. Thank you
Signature: Christopher Goodrich

Citrus Root Weevil

Dear Christopher,
This is not a Chinch Bug.  We were not satisfied writing back and telling you it was a Weevil, so we did some research.  We found a photo on the Simple Gifts Farm website that identified it as a Citrus Root Weevil and then we verified that identification on BugGuide where it states:  “Major pest of citrus crops: Larvae feed on the roots in the soil, and will often girdle the taproot, which may kill the plant and provide an avenue for Phythophora infections. A single larva can kill young hosts while several larvae can cause serious decline of older, established hosts. A female can produce over 20,000 adults in four years.  Pest of sugarcane in the Caribbean”.  While it is not responsible for killing your lawn, it might be doing damage to your citrus trees and sugar cane field.

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Location: Florida

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