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Location: Melbourne, Australia
February 29, 2012 7:42 pm
I think this chap flew into my 5th floor hotel room at night. I am from the Uk and have never seen anything like this before. Can anyone help. It flew quite loudly and was approx an inch in length
Signature: Richard

Eucalyptus Borer

Hi Richard,
This is a Eucalyptus Borer in the genus
Phoracantha.  The larvae bore in the wood of eucalyptus trees. 

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Location: Australia

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  1. Michael Muller says:

    Hi Mate, just doing a bit of research, one of these just bit my hand, fairly painful & burning sensation.
    This is exactly the one in the photo as shown.

    Is this bug dangerous, poisonous or harmful?

    Thanks MIke

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