Owl Moth
Location: Jaragua State Park, São Paulo, Brazil
February 24, 2012 5:27 pm
I photographed this moth in the same day I photographed the pink spotted hawkmoth.
I really loved the patterns on it’s wings, and was trying to identify it by myself. Now, I that I got the species Owl Moth Thysania zenobia, based on this info on Butterflies and Moths of North America ”Black streaks in male, absent in female”, I believe that all of your ”growin ups” are femmale ?s=Thysania+zenobia&searchsubmit.x=5&searchsubmit.y=17, and now I have a male in here.
This picture was taken in Jaragua State Park, and I know, if you wanna see large moths, go direct to the bathrooms! There was the hugest moth I saw all my life, unfortunatelly, I had no cammera in hands that time.
Signature: Cesar Crash

Owl Moth from Brazil

Dear Cesar,
We can always depend upon you to send wonderful photographs and to supply and interesting description as well.  We imagine that most people using the bathrooms are not terribly amused by the large moths, but that is their loss.

Location: Brazil

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