snow insect
Location: mt rainier national park, washington state
February 25, 2012 2:20 am
we saw this 6 legged, spiny insect on a snowshoe in mt. rainier national park (washington) late feb 2012. from limited, ignorant research– it looks similar to firefly and lacewing larvae but not exact. wished we would have put something down there to show size-but didn’t- was at least 2 inches long. thanks
Signature: jen

Hellgrammite in the Snow

Dear Jen,
This sure looks to us like a Hellgrammite, the larva of the Dobsonfly.  Interestingly, BugGuide has a photo, also from Washington, that was posted two years ago in February.  That individual is also in the snow and there was speculation about why it was in the snow.

Thank you so much-  very nice to get an answer so quickly.  we were right next to a spring fed beaver pond with numerous geothermal springs/vents.  if that makes any difference with the strange location (snow) of a typical aquatic  bug.
Again- thanks again-

Hi Jen,
Those details might be significant, but it is still interesting that there was another Hellgrammite sighting in Washington in the snow.

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Location: Washington

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