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Luna Moth sighting.. in February?
Location: Savannah, GA
February 23, 2012 4:21 pm
Awesome site! Quick question. Saw this luna moth on Feb. 19th clinging to the wall in the drive-thru at a Krystal restaurant in Savannah GA. We were just passing through in the way home to Florida so I can’t say if they’re numerous around there or not. Felt kind of bad for the little guy, the wind was gusting like crazy and he was hanging onto the wall for dear life.
I thought that these moths were only seen in fall and summer… how rare is a February encounter? The weather here in the southeast US had been pretty mild this year so did this one just get confused and hatch earlier than he was supposed to?
Sorry for the fuzzy cameraphone pic… all we had handy.
Signature: Mike Whaley

Luna Moth

Hi Mike,
Luna Moth sightings in February from the south are not uncommon, however, this is our first sighting of 2012, which makes us very excited.  As the weather begins to warm in more northern latitudes, the sightings gradually move north as well.  By May, we get reports from Maine and Canada.  In the south, there are two generations of Luna Moths per year, and the moths that emerge early in the season produce caterpillars that pupate over the summer so there a fall emergence as well.  Caterpillars hatching from eggs in the fall would not have a food source in the north, so there is only one generation per year. 

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Georgia

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  1. Mary says:

    Saw aprxmtly 30 or more at one time tonight. They were flying thru and around my oak tree that is just blooming out. I thought it was very unusual to see so many at one time. I am in north east Texas

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